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Limited to healthcare professionals. If you are going outside, especially in crowded places, wear protective coverall suit, masks, and gloves. Protect yourself, your family, and loved ones.

Bulk sourcings has uniquely positioned in today’s market by contributing an excellent and superlative quality array of Surgical isolation gown varieties. We feel proud to manufacture the best quality and perfect looking collection of Non-Woven Surgeon Gown. Our offered surgical isolation gowns are created by using the best quality machines and high-tech tools.

These are exclusive and available in laminated designs. You can buy high-quality complete protective coveralls suit at a fantastic price. Moreover, all our protective gears are non-woven. They are available in many designs, all sizes, and specifications. We provide a wide range of surgical isolation gown, are cost-effective in rates. Our clients recognized all our products as comfortable gears to wear. Our unique designs of protective coveralls suit have elastic cuffs for perfect fit and better movement. Our surgical gowns are comfortable, soft, and flexible due to the generous sizing and soft, breathable fabric material.

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We commit to ensuring your safety every step of the way. We are offering you the best quality Protective coveralls suit made from soft, non-woven material. Our protective suit has multi-layers that protect you from all types of bacteria, germs, moisture, chemicals, and other harmful viruses. Proper usage of our surgical isolation gown range helps you in protecting the medical professional. Moreover also helps in preventing them from carrying disease or germs to another patient. Our isolation gowns are durable, are 100% recyclable means non-clinical waste, so when it is time for a replacement, you can dispose of them safely and environmentally.

Product features:

  • Superior breathable
  • Non-toxic
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Durable and flexible
  • Ergonomic; a user can move freely
  • Water repellent; ensures low particle release rates
  • Suitable for several types of operations.
  • eco-friendly, and economical
  • Prevent and isolate dust, bacteria, alcohol, bacteria, and virus attacks.
  • Easy sterilization; offer a high hygiene level for subtle surgical operations.
  • Disposable
  • tie in neck and hand-waist, quality elastic in cuffs
  • Lightweight
  • Water and blood resistance
  • Sanitation and quality by the CE and ISO standards.
  • No stimulus to the skin

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Protect Yourself With Our Sterile And Effective Surgical Gowns and Protective Coveralls Suit Now!

At Bulk Sourcings, we’re devoted to ensuring your safety in every procedure and step of the way. By providing disposable surgical gowns with reliability and precaution, we’re proud to give 100% original cotton surgical gowns and every prestigious OEM you need.

When you choose, you’re getting more sterile surgical gowns, and we are committed to giving you what we promise will provide your medical staff full safety.

Moreover, being a reputable surgical gowns manufacturer, we have to serve you gowns highly durable and 100% recyclable as non-clinical waste. So, they are reusable surgical gown which can be disposed of safely and environmentally.

Are all our surgical gowns sterile?

Our company offers a wide variety of surgical gowns is the most economical price, which you can wear as long as possible. Our dresses are versatile, unique, and sterile with EN13795 standards and Spunbond, Melt blown, and Spunbond material.

We ensure that our surgical gowns are sterile with all sizes and versions. You can wear them during a hospital visit or while any surgery. Enjoy a soft, hygienic, and durable surgical gown with one click!

Why do we wear a surgical gown?

Sterile surgical gowns are essential for protecting yourself from pathogens, antibodies, and microbes in the surrounding during surgeries. These gowns include elastic cuff in the sleeves because the sterile barrier is maintained, and no body part is directly exposed to the environment. They are highly effective and recommended by the specialist for the protection of surgeons and staff members.

Product features

  • CE
  • For use in moderate-risk situations
  • Adjustable neck fit with Velcro adjustment
  • Long sleeves with knitted cuffs
  • Latex-free
  • Single-use
  • Colour – blue
  • Sizes available – M, L, XL, XXL
  • Available sterile or non-sterile


We here to provide you and guide you about the best protection for each procedure. New enhancements at our place in surgical gowns include: surgical gown – sterile – 43 GSM SMS, reinforced surgical gown – sterile – 43+21GSM, and reuse clean surgical / isolation gown – 83GSM. Please choose us and enjoy these fantastic benefits at reasonable prices.

  • Soft,light,non-toxic,durable,eco-friendly,economical.
  • Prevent and isolate particles, alcohol, dust, blood, bacteria, and virus invading.
  • elastic in cuffs and disposable, Soft, tie in neck and waist,
  • Used in hospital or clinic for protection
  • Sanitation and quality following the CE and ISO standards.
  • Gram weight ranges up to 30g to 60g or as request
  • Soft hand feeling and comfortable.
  • Cool and comfortable to wear.
  • Lightweight, durable, and superior breathable
  • Water and blood resistance
  • No stimulus to the skin.
  • These gowns can prevent pollution and the surface of these clothes without stains.
  • It is widely used in surgical operations, patient treatment to keep away from infection.

We follow all the safety measures before giving you the best gown in town. For the right procedure, we are here to guide you to choose your barrier protection as we care about you and the people around you.

Get the best surgical gown and Protective Coveralls Suit right away from us! We promise to ensure your safety FIRST.

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