What Distinguish KN95 With N95 Face Mask? Learn The Main Difference!

What Distinguish KN95 With N95 Face Mask? Learn The Main Difference!

Till yesterday, friends used to tell each other what new dress they bought for any particular occasion, but currently, now friends proudly tell each other, what new kind of face mask they bought for better protection. I witnessed the conversation between two friends,

1st friend said; hey I got KN95,

2nd friend said “I got; N95 mask”

To which the first friend replied; both are the same,

2nd friend said, it’s not, both are different!

This caught my attention! I did a thorough search on it, and finally sharing today what the KN95 / N95 face mask is? Are they both the same or different, so spare a minute and go through the entire post below;

KN95 VS N95 Face Mask – What Makes Them Different?

Since both names sound similar, yet equally demanding today, so many people confuse one mask with the other assuming both are the same. But they’re not.

 The N95 is US standard, and K N95 is China standard.

What Similar Between Both?

While buying both face masks, our major concern is, how well these masks can filter out things like; viruses, bacteria, P.M 2.5, and other tiny particles. Here, both face masks hold equal standards, as both can filter out the same amount of particles. Both face masks can filter out 95% of those tiny microscopic particles

What’s the Difference between both?

The difference lies in the standard of both face masks. The K N95 face mask has a requirement of fit testing, this means to measure how well a mask can fit around your face, and how well it can filter out when it’s on your face. So basically it weighs;

  • Testing air inside the mask
  • Testing air outside the mask

The KN95 Chinese standard has a requirement for this standard. Whereas, the N95 doesn’t have this standard. It doesn’t mean that in US people don’t do fit tests, or organizations like hospitals don’t require fit tests. In fact, the fit tests are really important, and organizations in US definitely practice it thoroughly as they need for their worker’s safety as well, but only thing is the fit testing is not part of N95 standard

The other minor differences come, how well we can actually breathe through the mask. Here, the N95 standard has slightly more stringent requirements on breathability of mask. This means it can be slightly easier to breathe

Thus, both out and in through the N95 face mask unlike the KN95 face masks, here we finally learn the major similarities and differences between both same sounding face masks.

How to Choose N95 Face Mask & Use Them?

As we know that N95 veil is a multi-layered cover that gives inclusion to the face, nose and mouth and helps watch the client by sifting through 95% of perilous particles. Indeed, even while being multifaceted, this security gadget is created such that it explains the air precisely without allowing you to battle for breath

So here is what N95 can filter, and what not, make a wise choice for the right face mask!

N95 Mask can filter

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Dirt
  • Allergens / pollens

What N95 face mask Cannot filter

  • Chemical vapors
  • Synthetic gases
  • Hypoxic ecosystem

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