Use / Benefits of Face Masks & Hand Sanitizers – A Thought-Provoking Analysis

Use / Benefits of Face Masks & Hand Sanitizers – A Thought-Provoking Analysis

With an increase in worldwide demand for hand sanitizers and face masks, many counterfeit products have arrived in the market.  The World Health Organization has recommended quality criteria to ensure efficacy for skincare hand sanitizer and face masks

For public safety, it’s important that the products you are manufacturing and testing should meet global standards. Understanding which alcohols and at which concentrations are in hand sanitizers and the quality of face masks is important to ensure their effectiveness against viruses and bacteria

Ethanol and isopropanol are the main active components in hand sanitizers for disinfection. To ensure effectiveness, the WHO recommended 65 to 80% concentration. Whereas, several properties for non-medical masks of layers, shape, and fabric coating that make them effective

Whether you need comprehensive analysis in the lab or quick answers in the field, the Agilent’s resource guide using GC and FTIR is here to support you and cover the analysis of methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, propanol, and glycerin which helps you determine exactly what’s inside the hand sanitizer

And, examine the quality of face mask ensuring the public stay safe and healthy. This was a look into the analysis of hand sanitizers it contains. Now, let’s discuss how this pandemic has changed the demand and buying behavior of hand sanitizers and the best surgical face masks among clients and customers

How COVID Bring Twist in Buying Behavior?

COVID -19 is affecting buyer behavior. An analysis has been made in marketplace searches, and our volume to see which categories have been highly impacted

Surging demand is high for;

  • The cleaning items like antibacterial wipes and spray
  • Washable face masks, especially n95 and protective coverall suit
  • Personal hygiene & health items like hand sanitizer, alcohol, and respirators

The sustained demand of items includes;

How to Make DIY Hand Sanitizer & Face Mask at Home?

For making DIY hand sanitizer at home, you’ll need;

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Bottle with dispensing cap
  • Funnel
  • Two measuring cups – one with spouted end


  • Pour 6 OZ (3/4 cup) of isopropyl alcohol into the measuring cup with a spouted end
  • Pour 6 OZ of alcohol into a bottle through a funnel
  • Pour 4 ½ cup of Aloe Vera gel into your second measuring cup
  • Now, put the 4 OZ o gel into the bottle through a funnel – take a spoon to take it out
  • You can use any long, thin item, like a fork or straw to get the gel into a bottle
  • Screw the cap onto the bottle, make sure it’s on tightly, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds

How to Make Face Mask at Home?

For making a homemade washable face mask, you’ll need;

  • 20 x 20-inch fabric (take bandana)
  • Two large rubber bands or hair ties


  • Fold your fabric in half, fold the bottom of the fabric up, and the top of the fabric down. The width should be about four inches
  • Place your rubber bands or hair ties around the fabric, about 7 inches apart from each other
  • Fold the sides of fabric into the middle, then tuck one side into the other
  • You can also use a ruler to flatten out the side

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