Top 6 Surgical Face Masks You Must Consider This 2021

Top 6 Surgical Face Masks You Must Consider This 2021

A medical or surgical face mask is a loose-fitting disposable face mask that is specifically designed to create a physical, and protective barrier between the wearer’s mouth and the surrounding environment or the atmosphere where they are performing surgical tasks

These face masks protect wearers so do not inhale airborne bacteria and virus particles. This blog post can be useful to you, as you’ll learn about some best surgical face mask that are trending high this year

Here are some top demanding surgical/medical face masks;

  1. Level 3 Fuchsia Procedure Surgical Dental Face Mask

This US Guardian, 3ply face mask meets the ASTM level 3 standard providing resistance to fluids, bacterial, and sub-micron particle filtration efficiency. Also, this breathable face mask protects dentists, doctors, and other health care provider’s/staff members.

Besides, this surgical face mask also helps to protect against flu, colds, dust, pollen, and other air-born contaminants. It securely covers the nose and mouth. This dental mask protects dentists and healthcare workers from splashes of fluid bacteria

  • Charcoal Activated Carbon Face Mask

This health com disposable surgical face mask is made of 3 plies non-woven fabric, and 1 ply activated carbon. This face mask is easy to breathe through and able to effectively protect the wearer in the meantime

This face mask is commonly used during medical care, home cleaning, flu, and could effectively filter out dust germs, allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, and various odors. This disposable carbon filtered face mask composed of four layers, well-shaped, and contains a surface without damage and stains

  • Dental Surgical Hypoallergenic Face Mask

This disposable ear loop face mask with breathability comfort is best to use during construction, nail salons, medical, and dental use. It can be used in fog weather, snowy weather, and building sites, etc.

It features a comfortable elastic ear loop, extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears. The inner layer is quite sensitive, and made of soft facial tissue, no dye, no chemical, and is gentle to the skin

  • FWPP 4 Layer Surgical Face Mask

Another thicker surgical face mask with earloop disposable is made of 3 layers of non-woven high-quality fabric, and 1 layer of professional melt-blown cloth (static absorption of small particles) it has a stronger filtering effect and is warmer

Also, this surgical face mask has efficient respiratory protection which can filter around 90%  of particles in the air. The main applications of this face mask include; hospitals, restaurants, pet shops, and those environments that need respiratory protection

  • Communicator Surgical Face Mask

Here comes another best surgical face mask with a clear window that is safe and effective. It meets FDA standards for level 1 surgical masks. It is highly supported by doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals.

This surgical face mask comprises ASTM F2100   Level 1 protection, with greater than bacterial and particle filtration efficiency. This surgical face mask is made and assembled in the US for guaranteed highest quality

  • Surgical Disposable Face Masks

Lastly, this 100 pack surgical face mask is one-disposable mouth mask, ideal for personal protection    and hospital disease protection. It can also be used at dust free workspace, safety, and health requirement of industries

This disposable surgical face mask is made of premium non-woven filter fabric. It is breathable and comfortable without any peculiar smell, and irritation to skin.                  

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