Best Tips For Skin Care This Pandemic – A Must Read

Best Tips For Skin Care This Pandemic – A Must Read

Who won’t love their facial skin? Of course, we all do! No matter what season it is, crazy summer or extremely chilled winters, we never make a compromise in leaving skin rough and dry. Then what about this pandemic time when skin gets exhausted due to sweating and consistently wearing face masks?

In this post, you’ll learn some best tips for skincare. The tips I collected from expert dermatologists. So take a look below;

Tips for Hand Care

The main reason why our hands are always dry and rough is, that both soap and liquid strip away the waxy lipid outer layer of your skin which helps to protect us from the outside world. The outer layer keeps water in our skin as lipids begin to dissolve away from soap and water.

Then, what happens that water escapes out of your skin through called trans-epidermal water loss, which leads to more dryness and irritation. Here, good hand-washing is one of the most crucial, yet effective ways to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.

Get skin-friendly, and skin care hand sanitizer, use warm water (not too hot, nor too cold) the hot water strip away at your lipid barrier, whereas, cold water is hard on skin.

With regards to a current pandemic, where we are trying hard to reduce the transmission of the virus, using anti-bacterial soap doesn’t behoove you whatsoever, so you don’t necessarily need to use a bar of antibacterial soap. Dermatologists suggest using a fragrance-free soap.

It has no artificial or natural fragrance, no essential oils, and no masking fragrance. Overall, it minimizes the things we put on the skin. Coming to facial skin, how to maintain it while wearing a face mask

How to Protect Facial Skin While Wearing Facial Mask?

In this time, everyone tries their best to stay safe from COVID 19, due to which the majority of people keep wearing masks around 9 to 10 hours a day depending on how much time they spend outdoors. The facial skin starts showing effects later, no matter how best surgical face mask you wear, despite that, methodological damage is noticed in areas of the nose, cheeks, and chin.

Keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and apply any light skin lotion or oil before wearing a mask. Those creams quickly absorb in the skin so you don’t get sweat, but they will surely protect you from getting damaged, or won’t leave a scar of washable face masks.

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